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The Netherlands is one of the world's largest exporters of agricultural and food products.


The Dutch agrifood sector is a sustainable source of healthy, safe food that is produced with respect for nature and the environment.



The Netherlands is a world leader in managing water, Dutch maritime expertise is in demand worldwide.

Continuous innovation

Over the decades, the Dutch have mastered the art of flood protection and water supply and treatment.



The Netherlands has a strong standing in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Europe’s leader

Thanks to its affinity for innovation and forward-thinking, the Netherlands is a leader in offshore, renewable and smart energy.



The transportation of goods around the globe increases in volume and distance every day.

Strong driver of economy

The Netherlands is a key logistics hub for the through-transportation of goods to the European hinterland.

Years of cooperation
Millions $ of commercial exchanges
Dutch companies in Algeria
Years of cooperation
Millions $ of commercial exchanges
Dutch companies in Algeria

Pilot Projects

Algeria faces several challenges, caused by climate change, population growth and economic development.Within the framework of cooperation between Algeria and the Netherlands, two different pilot projects were initiated.

Green Water Credits

Green Water Credits is a concept of an integrated approach, involving various sectors and disciplines linked together, which shows the overall efficiency of water use at the level of the watershed following the interventions of sustainable management of land. Algeria faces many challenges such as water scarcity, flooding, silting of reservoirs and unstable outflow in agriculture due to soil erosion and depletion. Scarcity often leads to unnecessary conflicts that can (in part) be solved by the concept of GWC. The GWC method analyzes scenarios of the impact on these issues for different measures.

Wastewater for Irrigation

The main objective for this pilot project, is to showcase the potential to safely recycle treated wastewater. Concrete technical solutions to specific problems such as water treatment are proposed by the Dutch. A comprehensive and detailed analysis of water systems can provide clues to measures taken to reduce the level of pollution, including increasing the efficiency of treatment. For example, a change in the management culture within agriculture has an impact on treatment. The reuse of treated wastewater for agriculture (and available nutrients) could be a very attractive economic solution

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