Who we are ?

CAAN is an international non-profit organization for trade. CAAN is your “one-stop shop” in Algeria and acts as the ultimate link between Dutch and Algerian companies. A platform where the economic actors of our two countries will meet and engage each other with the aim of increasing the economic and commercial partnerships. CAAN is responsible for the promotion and strengthening of relations, for economic exchanges, trade development and investment promotion between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. CAAN has been founded for and acts with a professional non-profit purpose.
CAAN was founded as a bilateral Business Council where both Dutch and Algerian companies can join. Services and activities are offered to members and non-members. The Relations between Algeria and the Netherlands have existed for over 400 years; four centuries of relations dating back to 1604, the year of the signing of the first treaty between the Staten-Generaal of Holland and the Regency of Algiers. Economic relations between the Netherlands and Algeria are important. The transactions between the two countries are considerable with a positive balance of payment for Algeria. There are many opportunities for expanding economic cooperation between Algeria and the Netherlands. Among the axes of cooperation defined between Algeria and the Netherlands are predominantly the sectors Energy, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Agro-food, Water & Environment, Transport & Logistics. There is real potential for developing partnerships in these sectors.

In order to achieve our goals we are uniting our efforts within the Golden Triangle of the public institutions, the private sector and the research & training centers. CAAN offers a full range of business support services based on 6 activities:
1. Networking events & Seminars
2. Economic Missions & Matchmaking
3. Supporting your business activities
4. Participation in International Exhibitions
5. Provision of workspace & room meetings
6. Consulting & support for the commercial development of your company, including market studies and the implementation of Pilot Projects.


CAAN was founded as a bilateral Business Council under Algerian law and chaired by Mr. Nait Abdelaziz. The CAAN is constituted by an Executive Board composed of 15 members responsible for developing the strategy. As for the Operational Organization, it implements a development program and provides services to members and non-members. CAAN also has members, made up of Dutch and Algerian companies. The main source of information and inspiration for the development of the CAAN program are Algerian and Dutch companies. These companies have an impact on the services offered by the CAAN.

Through the establishment of sectoral committees, different sectors and themes are represented within CAAN, on which we work in close collaboration with different representatives and experts of these sectors. More information on the target sectors can be found in the « sectors » menu.
When specific sector, thematic or company knowledge is required, the CAAN works with experts in the field. Other than that, CAAN will facilitate your business services specializing in legal and tax matters, regulatory requirements, accounting, grants, etc. This allows companies to submit their needs to a single « One Stop Shop » counter!

Our mission

CAAN is a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion and strengthening of economic and commercial relations between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Algeria.
Our mission is to create and optimize cross-border trade relations and investment through the promotion of international trade, generating new business opportunities, forming strategic alliances and offering unique services, for which the interests and the needs of our members and customers are key elements.

Our vision

CAAN strives to be the leading organization in creating business opportunities between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Algeria. CAAN is making a direct contribution to the consolidation and strengthening of economic relations.

Our goals

The ambition and the objectives pursued by CAAN are to:

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Business center Dar El Madina, Tower C Office the 2nd floor
Hydra Alger


+213 (0) 560 068 770

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