9 04, 2018

Agri-food, Logistics, and Waste Management

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Dutch sign partnership with Ceimi The Algerian-Dutch Business Council has signed a partnership agreement with CEIMI in the presence of the wali of Blida and our two presidents. This partnership is mainly focused on the agribusiness, logistics, and waste processing sectors. This signing comes at an important turning point in the development and diversity of

9 04, 2018

Get inside the Silicon Valley of agriculture

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How the Netherlands, a country known for these tulips, has become a major tomato producer and the leading exporter of onions and potatoes? With more than half of its land used for agriculture, the Netherlands is a pioneer in greenhouse horticulture. Dutch farmers are experimenting with innovative ways to produce more food with fewer resources

4 04, 2018

The president of the National Association of Exporters: the African market is within reach of Algerian products, under certain conditions

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Algerian Companies to Benefit From The African Free Trade Zone Speaking Wednesday, on the show "L'Invité De La Rédaction" on Algerian Radio Channel 3, the president of the National Association of Algerian exporters estimates that African market is within reach of Algerian products — If barriers are lifted. As a first condition, Mr. Ali Bey Naceri

2 04, 2018

Sanitation projects: An envelope of 84 billion dinars released

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The minister of water resources Hocine Necib,announced the thaw of the sanitation’s operations amounting to 84 billion dinars “ This measure follows the decision of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to rank the Water Resources sector among the three national priorities alongside Health and Education, " said the minister during his appearance on