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Throwback SIMA SIPSA 2018

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The choice of the Netherlands as guest of honor at the 18th edition of the SIMA-SIPSA Livestock and Agri-Equipment Fair was not a fortuitous choice. Indeed, the Netherlands is an agricultural power and enjoys recognized expertise in this field. By choosing the Netherlands as a guest of honor, Algeria intends to benefit from the country's

Renewable energies

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launch before December 2018 of an international invitation to tender for the production of 200 MW of electricity Algeria's desire to strengthen its investments in renewable energies is affirmed. Before the end of the current year, a tender notice will be issued for the construction of infrastructure for the production of 200 Mw from renewable

Djezzy launches electronic payment in partnership with Algérie Poste

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The mobile operator Djezzy signed, this Sunday, October 21, 2018 in Algiers, a partnership with Algérie Poste on the electronic payment of Djezzy services by means of the Edahabia card, as well as at the post office level on all the national territory. It is more precisely the online payment of Djezzy's services with the

The Netherlands could accompany Algeria in promoting its exports

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The second largest exporter of fruits and vegetables in the world, the Netherlands will accompany Algeria in the storage and export of agricultural products, said Monday in Algiers, the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Robert Van Embden. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the 17th edition of the Sipsa-Sima Livestock and Agricultural

Algeria is the largest importer of seed potatoes from the Netherlands

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Algeria is the largest importer of seed potatoes from the Netherlands, said Saturday, September 29, 2018, Ambassador of this country in Algeria, Robert van Embden, at the closing of the international exhibition of agriculture organized in Mostaganem. According to the Dutch diplomat, the port of Mostaganem is the main gateway to these Algerian imports of

Record production of cereals at Mila, with 3.16 million quintals

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The wilaya of Mila has set a new record in the cultivation of cereals for the 2017-2018 agricultural season with a production of 3.16 million quintals, said Tuesday the director of agricultural services, Messaoud Bendridi. This harvest, a first in Mila, was recorded at the end of the harvesting campaign closed Monday, said the same

Milk powder: Algeria imported more than 23,000 tonnes from France in the first half of 2018

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The total French exports of skimmed milk powder to Algeria in June 2018 reached almost 1,048 tons against 7,070 tons in 2017, a decrease of 85.2%, according to the latest balance sheet of France Agrimer. Cumulative exports during the first quarter of 2018 reached 23,140 tons against 24,303 tons in 2017, a decrease of 4.8%.

Improvement of water collection in the Sahel countries

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A program to improve water harvesting and food security in the Sahel countries was initiated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the UN agency said on his website. Entitled "One Million Tanks for the Sahel", this program aims to promote and facilitate the establishment of rainwater collection and storage facilities for vulnerable communities

Fresh figs: Algeria’s third largest producer

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Since 2015, Algeria is the third largest producer of fresh figs in the world with a production volume of more than 120,187 tonnes / year. According to Algérie Monde Infos, it is an agronomist who affirmed this classification of Algeria in a national newspaper. With this annual production volume since 2015, Algeria comes behind Turkey,