Development of the seed sector: The OAIC turns to the private sector

The Algerian Inter-professional Cereals Office (OAIC) wants to develop the seed sector.

The Algerian Inter-professional Cereals Office (OAIC) wants to develop the seed sector by moving towards the public-private partnership. It is in this sense that the OAIC launches, through its subsidiary Sapec, a notice of call for the national and international event for the creation of a joint venture. The aim is to involve national and foreign private partners and pilot firm EPE / SPA within its portfolio.

The move comes as CEO Mohamed Belabdi said in January that Algeria had stopped importing durum wheat, soft wheat, and barley seeds. “For the seeds, I can officially declare that the battle is won: the seeds of hard wheat and soft wheat and barley are produced totally in Algeria,” he said on the national radio. As a result, he continued, Algeria will no longer import seeds from these cereals. He also said that a new joint venture was recently created with French partners to strengthen the genetic potential in Algeria.

New target for the OAIC

The aim of this company is to introduce new French seed varieties to meet the demand of farmers who demand better genetic material to improve their yield.

Note also that the balance of cereal production during the 2016-2017 season has reached more than 35 million quintals against 34 million quintals for the 2015-2016 harvest-slaughter campaign.

A marked improvement in cereal production has been recorded during the current season, at the end of the harvest season of 88% of agricultural area devoted to cereal production, while 12% of these areas have not been harvested yet.

Moreover, the companion 2017-2018 looks very good thanks to good rainfall in the East, West and Central of the country, according to industry officials. Farmers’ working conditions are good in terms of financial support and the supply of fertilizers and seeds, it is said.

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