Djezzy launches electronic payment in partnership with Algérie Poste

The mobile operator Djezzy signed, this Sunday, October 21, 2018 in Algiers, a partnership with Algérie Poste on the electronic payment of Djezzy services by means of the Edahabia card, as well as at the post office level on all the national territory.

It is more precisely the online payment of Djezzy’s services with the Edahabia electronic card via the website ( in the “Baridi Net” area, the electronic payment of Djezzy’s services through its web merchant and the marketing of the Flexy electronic recharge as well as the payment of Djezzy invoices at the postal establishments. All customers of Algérie Poste are also beneficiaries of these services.

The partnership was signed by Djezzy CEO Vicenzo Nesci and Algérie Poste’s General Manager Abdelkrim Dahmani at a ceremony held at the Hotel El Aurassi.

These services are “the natural consequence of a preliminary partnership signed between Algérie Poste and Djezzy in September 2015 whose objective is to diversify Algérie Post’s services and commercialize the products and services of Djezzy within the network of the public postal establishment “.

On this occasion, the DG of Algeria Post Abdelkrim Dahmani described this partnership between the two entities as “strategic” and “fruitful”, saying that other services such as the USSD and the IVR are currently underway. preparation with Djezzy.

“Algeria posts through its standardized and secure electronic payment solution, the scope of its postal network consisting of more than 3800 post offices, and its customer base of more than 20 million CCP account holders, is embarking on services digital and electronic in the framework of the policy of the authorities aiming at the modernization of the means of electronic payment and the digitization of the services “, he underlined.

In this sense, Dahmani appealed to all economic operators of the national public and private sector wishing to register in online payment to “get closer to the technical services of Algeria Post to integrate our electronic money platform and be able to use these extremely important services for our customers that aim to make life easier for our citizens, and which are also part of this national policy for the development of the digital economy “.

As for the CEO of Djezzy, Vincenzo Nesci said “We are proud of the realization of this important step in partnership with Algérie Post. The implementation of electronic payment is an additional milestone in the construction of a digital ecosystem “, while reaffirming the commitment of Djezzy to continue” its contribution to the construction of the economy of Algeria of tomorrow “.

“Everything we do is in line with the guiding policy outlined by the Government and the Minister of Post, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy,” he said.

For his part, Matthieu Galvani Director of Djezzy, said that “this partnership symbolizes a real breakthrough for both entities,” adding that “it is a new step in the process of digitalization.”

“Without these partnerships, we can not be part of this digital transformation in Algeria,” Galvani said, while stressing the importance of this partnership with Algérie Poste, which is completely in line with the innovation that, according to him, “will simplify people’s lives. ”

Moreover, on the sidelines of the signing of this partnership, the DG of Algeria Post Abdelkrim Dahmani said that the customer will not pay any tax on these services.

Dahmani also said that Algerie Poste has 1367 ATMs deployed throughout the country, and that there is a plan to acquire around 1000 new ATMs that will be installed at all levels. post offices of the national territory, and will offer new services to Algeria Post customers and reduce the pressure on the offices.

Regarding the amount of money withdrawn by citizens, the same official said that in Algeria Post, nearly 2 million transactions are made per day, stating that at ATMs, more than 470 billion dinars have been withdrawn in 2017, and at the post office level, approximately DA 11 billion is withdrawn daily.

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