Sanitation projects: An envelope of 84 billion dinars released

The minister of water resources Hocine Necib,announced the thaw of the sanitation’s operations amounting to 84 billion dinars

“ This measure follows the decision of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to rank the Water Resources sector among the three national priorities alongside Health and Education, “ said the minister during his appearance on the show l’invité de la rédaction on Channel 3 on the Algerian Radio.

Mr.Necib also detailed his sector’s strategy for securing the country’s drinking water supply, which he says is based on “the principle of diversifying the resource”. The Ministry of Water Resources, committed as part of the program of the government 2018, to the “total” care of the sanitation to protect the health of the citizen, the water resources, the irrigated surfaces and the environment

It should be noted that the Water Resources sector was one of the three sectors that benefited from the thaw of vital projects, with 112 sanitation projects, at a cost of 90 billion DA, frozen since 2014.

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry, Algeria has invested 450 billion DA in the realization of projects of sanitation networks and treatment plants between 2000 and 2013, and aims to achieve the goal of zero wastewater by 2030.

Sanitation’s expenses totaled 450 billion DZD between 2000 and 2013.

, according to a document on the National Sanitation Development Plan. These investments have resulted in “significant progress” in connecting the population to the sanitation network, which has reached 94% in urban areas and 80% in rural areas. Algeria currently has 171 wastewater treatment plants (Step) with a capacity of 900 million m3 / year compared to only 10 stations in 2000.These efforts have made it possible to increase the total national treatment capacity by 1, 3 million equivalent inhabitants in 2000 with a capacity of 12.4 million equivalent inhabitants in 2013.

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