The president of the National Association of Exporters: the African market is within reach of Algerian products, under certain conditions

Algerian Companies to Benefit From The African Free Trade Zone

Speaking Wednesday, on the show “L’Invité De La Rédaction” on Algerian Radio Channel 3, the president of the National Association of Algerian exporters estimates that African market is within reach of Algerian products — If barriers are lifted.

As a first condition, Mr. Ali Bey Naceri considers that it is necessary to better understand the needs of the market, but especially, the economic typologies of the countries with which Algeria plans to develop its trade.

According to Mr. Ali Bey, 57 million dollars of household appliances and about 100 millions of dollars of cement were exported in 2017. The first signals are “very positive”. Nonetheless, he believes these numbers are “small” compared to the needs expressed.

With a volume exceeding 2,200 billion dollars, the African market is likely, under certain conditions, to offer opportunities to Algerian exports

In order to update and increase the opportunities for exchanges, the President of ANEXA considers essential to establish relations with markets close to Algeria, like the  African Economic and Monetary Union and the Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

One necessary requirement is to set standardization agreements and recognition of laboratories — intellectual property, service protocols, …

For him, it is not possible to claim to win market shares, without the indispensable presence of Algerian banks grouped in the consortium in the target countries. Mr. Ali Bey insists: “It is a sine qua non condition to develop our exports.”

The other hindrance he highlights is the of foreign currency exchange policy and services of the Bank of Algeria which he invites to meet international standards.

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