Throwback SIMA SIPSA 2018

The choice of the Netherlands as guest of honor at the 18th edition of the SIMA-SIPSA Livestock and Agri-Equipment Fair was not a fortuitous choice. Indeed, the Netherlands is an agricultural power and enjoys recognized expertise in this field. By choosing the Netherlands as a guest of honor, Algeria intends to benefit from the country’s experience in export logistics.

A convention has been signed between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the show organizers to share the Netherlands’ experience in the field of agriculture and strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

It is to this end that the Algerian-Dutch Business Council in collaboration with CEIMI and in cooperation with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Algeria, organized on the eve of the SIMA SIPSA fair on October 7th, 2018, the forum Algero-Dutch agricultural project aimed at sharing knowledge, experience and know-how.

Leading experts from the field participated in this forum to shed light on the exceptional partnership between the Netherlands and Algeria in greenhouse horticulture, potato, dairy production, control phytosanitary and agro logistics. This forum was the prelude to the participation of the Netherlands as a guest of honor at the 18th edition of the 2018 Sipsa-Sima Livestock and Agri-Equipment Exhibition. A real meeting and matchmaking hub for the sector that will examine business opportunities in both countries.

On October 8th, 2018 the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Bouazghi was speaking with an Algerian economic operator activating in potato production in partnership with a Dutch operator. He recalled that “Holland has been present at this show for four years, because there is intense cooperation between Algeria and Holland, there have been several actions in the agricultural field,” citing the exchange of expertise , transfer of know-how and training in milk production. He said that “this international fair is an opportunity for us to strengthen this cooperation and to study all the opportunities beneficial to our agriculture”.

Present at the Opening Ceremony, the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Marjolijn Sonnema, accompanied Mr. Bouazghi during his visit to the various stands of the show, gathering 550 exhibitors including more than 300 foreigners.

Mr. Bouazghi began his visit through the Dutch pavilion, exchanging with operators activating, in particular, potato seed, market gardening and cattle breeding. He urged local partners of Dutch operators about the need to produce potato seed locally as part of the national policy to achieve food security.

The dutch minister recalled that “as a guest of honor at the show, we are proud of the results achieved in Algeria with the Dutch companies and expertise, we wish to further deepen this innovative approach, although the agricultural sector of the two countries evolves in a different context we see promising opportunities to expand this cooperation” adding “several public-private partnerships are under way in different fields and different regions, especially in El Oued, where a Dutch university is researching the effective use water for growing potatoes and in Biskra, where tracks have been identified for the development of greenhouse horticulture “.

She also add”the 2016 regulations and the creation of the joint industrial commission have given a new impetus to our cooperation. Our companies are ready for the success of this cooperation, by encouraging the export of our high-end products, but also by intensifying the collaboration with the farmers “, continuing” our policy of cooperation is centered on the efficiency of the production and on food security, in the context of circular agriculture “.

She said that “the Netherlands feeds ambition to remain a global player in agricultural innovation. We are committed to advancing with our partners in the Algerian public and private sector the achievement of agricultural development objectives in both countries, as it invited the Minister to visit the Netherlands to better define the lines of future cooperation between the two countries. two countries “.

Thus, the Dutch Minister affirmed the availability of her country in the framework of partnerships for investment in the agricultural sector in Algeria through the sharing of knowledge and know-how. In this regard, the Dutch representative referred to the project of training young farmers and agronomists students in the fertilization of land and the reinforcement of drip irrigation in the wilaya of El Oued.

Ms. Sonnema also cited the Algerian-Dutch project for the storage and processing of agricultural products in the Province of Mascara, the project to build two (2) stables for cattle breeding and the training project for breeders managed by a Dutch group in the wilaya of Guelma.

Regarding the milk chain, the Dutch Minister Marjolijn Sonnema said that her country was working in partnership with Algeria to promote the milk sector and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in this area. She also pointed out that the development of the milk sector requires continuous and serious work at the level of cattle farms and cold rooms, stressing the importance of ensuring the continuous treatment and control of milk. With regard to exchange of experiences and expertise with Algeria, Ms. Sonnema spoke about a joint project set up at the level of the wilaya of Guelma, aimed at ensuring the training of specialists in animal breeding in order to to intensify their knowledge in this field.

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